Wednesday, December 1, 2010

League Alert Issued For Small Businesses

Our enemies have developed a unique blend of of marketing anti-matter.  Not only has it had a negative impact on businesses, it has also skewed their perspective on what will and won't work.  One of the first attacks was launched this weekend on a small jewelry store.  We got there early enough Monday to stave off any permanent damage.  Other small businesses may not be as fortunate.

The League of Marketers met this morning to discuss this.  In an effort to quickly combat this, the League has released 3 of our superheroes into the Southeast to combat the culprits.  Led by MarketingMan and armed quickly with Facebook and Twitter, they've been working long hours to dismantle this latest marketing anti-matter attack which is why we haven't been able to blog much lately.  With all the extra work lately, our underground lair has been empty with all the activity helping businesses, seen here below...

As always, if you want the superhero League of Marketers to aid your organization, contact us here to send an email to the League by clicking here and one of them will get in touch with you right away.

Signing off and returning to the field,

Squire Pressley

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The League Has Spoken

This morning, at a secret location known only to the superheroes of marketing, a meeting was called by MarketingMan, the leader of the League of Marketers.  This urgent meeting of the marketing superheroes was called to action to save the country from a diabolical plot against American business owners.

An overall sense of doom had crept into the hearts and minds of even the most seasoned marketing executives at agencies and businesses alike.  A stagnant economy and news stories covering it seemed to be taking a serious toll on these fine American citizens.

The League of Marketers, led by MarketingMan, went on a campaign to save these citizens, starting with small business owners in Atlanta.

Speaking at a recent news conference, MarketingMan had this to say, "By using the skills we, the League of Marketers, were born with, we can save this country.  The first thing the citizens of corporate America are going to have to do is trust these superheroes.  Our success means your success.  The League doesn't build cars, run restaurants, design cell phones or clothing.  We provide one service - marketing...and no one in the world does it better than MarketingMan and the League of Marketers."

One way MarketingMan has stated the League will be serving is helping businesses take full advantage of social media platforms.  "Social Media is frequently over-looked or underutilized much like websites were in the early days of businesses getting online.  Since most businesses really don't know how to utilize these resources, that is one of the fastest ways for me to serve these citizens in need," stated MarketingMan.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a word from MarketingMan about another League of Marketers team member - RadioMan.  In the mean time, should you find yourself in dire need of MarketingMan, you are urged to call him on the number typically reserved for the Commissioner at the Hall of Marketing as this is no time to fool around with your marketing.  MarketingMan - 678.431.3170

Signing off from this broadcast...
Squire Pressley